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14 мая 2020, 16:39
50 000 $ 45 817 € 41 064 £ 76 734 AUD


Our office is looking for two career-minded individuals. Our ideal candidate is a person who has specific personal and professional goals in mind and is looking for a stable company to support them. 
Applicant must: be self-motivated, possess strong leadership skills, have a customer service attitude, have integrity, have a desire for professional development, be willing to learn and have exceptional people skills. 

If you have management experience, please highlight it in your email.

Minimum requirements for consideration:
• Great Work Ethic 
• Positive Attitude
• Outgoing Personality 
• Ambitious
Benefits Include:
• Weekly pay 
• Bonuses 
• Health Insurance reimbursement 
• Life insurance 
• Retirement Plan

Knowledge of 2nd language an asset. For confidential interview submit your resume.

(657) 251 9228

[email protected]


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Тип: Менеджмент / Консультирование / Продажи

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